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Scout Military Discounts is a cross platform mobile app that makes it easy for service members to find and redeem military discounts and benefits.
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Discount Map
Proactively discover military discounts nearby or across the country. Scout clearly shows if you qualify, and how to easily redeem it.
Discount Alert
Scout will send you a friendly push notification when you are in or around a store that offers a military discount. No more asking at the register.
Message Center
Scout isn’t just for brick and mortar military discounts. Get notified when your favorite online brands offer military discounts.

With Support From The Community

We can do more when we do it together

Search Thousands of Discounts

Our advanced search options help you find the discount you're looking for.

Add new discounts

Scout new military discounts to share with the community and help other save!

Rate and Update

Rating and updating helps the community find the best, most accurate discounts.


Scout FAQ

1Scout looks awesome, when can I start using it?
Scout will be launching our new app mid-October, 2017. We will be actively supporting the Seattle-Tacoma area, but we encourage the military community, where ever you may be across the USA, to download the app and start adding any military discounts you know of. We will be quickly rolling out support to other major cities/bases, and the number of existing users in an area will significantly influence where we focus on next!
2Is Scout free to use?
Yes! Scout will always be free to find military discounts.
3Can I publish the military discount at my own business? How much does it cost?
TL:DR Yes! and it's free! Not only can you list your military discount, we encourage it! Scout will always be free to list your businesses military discount. We take pride in the accuracy and completeness of our military discount listings, so anything we can do to make those things better, we will.
4What phones will work with Scout?
IPhones with iOS version 7.3.02 or later, and Android phones with version 4.5.2. Scout may work with earlier software versions, but unfortunately we're not able to ensure a quality experience.
5I tried to use a discount listed in Scout, but the store told me it wasn't valid. I'm frustrated.
We apologize for the inconvenience. We do our best to build the most advanced military discount platform and ensure the quality of our data. The truth is there are hundreds of thousands of military discounts, and we rely on the community to help us find and understand them. We do our best to promote redundant verification of discounts, but sometimes incorrect information gets through. If you find incorrect military discounts, we encourage you notify us about it inside the discount listing, and update it so that others in our community can benefit.

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