Military Spouses: Thank You

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March 4, 2017

Military Spouses: Thank You

Military spouses go through a lot. Whether he or she has a loved one on deployment. Or they're responsible for getting shit done at home. Military spouses make daily sacrifices so we don't have to. We've teamed up with the National Military Spouse Network to highlight four of our favorite military spouse nonprofits. There are many more organizations like these that are going above and beyond for those who lead the battle on the home front.

Military Family Advisory Network


The National Family Advisory Network is on a mission to connect military families with the resources they need to thrive.They convene thought leaders within the military family community who, through collaboration with outside organizations and effective communications practices.

They inform the military community about the resources and benefits designed for military families. They promote health, wellness, and employment initiatives within the military community. They bridge the communication gap between the military community and the public and private agencies that serve us so we can all work together, better. And they introduce the general public to the modern-day military families.


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