Happy Mother’s Day!

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January 16, 2018

Mother’s Day is this Sunday - but you already knew that.

We at SCOUT just wanted to send a shout out to all of the special women in the world that made this entire journey possible. The bravery, commitment, and support that military mothers display in watching their sons and daughters commit to the service is legendary. And let’s not forget the mothers who are serving this great nation. We can only imagine the difficulty of not being home with your children.

Cody (Co-Founder) reflects how his mom went above and beyond to let him know his family loved him.

Although I never deployed, I do remember my mother sending me letters, care packages, and pictures if I ever had to train in the field. "There were times I missed my family, too. It was usually at that moment I’d get something special in the mail from Grace, letting me know the feeling was mutual.“


Mother’s Day is a time to get on the phone with your mom and talk about these types of moments. For those who no longer have their mother’s with us, go through old pictures… remember some family traditions you both shared, and carry those on. For those who didn’t have the best examples of a mom in their life, share the holiday with someone who stepped up to the plate for you.

While we celebrate moms every day, this Sunday is a great time to reflect on what these special people mean to us. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Of course, we want to highlight a couple great products for Mother’s Day and put a call out to feature your favorites. Got a favorite deal or discount for mother’s day? Let us know and we’ll feature it.