What is an offer?

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May 9, 2017
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January 16, 2018

What is an Offer?

Our team calls up brands that offer military discounts and asks them if they can do a special deal for you. Because these brands are awesome, they usually say yes. If they are extra-awesome and guarantee that they save the best prices for you, we tell you that, too!

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Offers Rotate

Check back often. We add new stuff every few days and rotate items. We’ll usually just have a few items, so we list them until they are sold out or until our special pricing agreement with the sponsor runs out. Also, we like to debut our very best offers via our newsletter. Not everybody has a smartphone, so we don’t want to leave anyone out of the best. Be sure to stay in the know by joining our newsletter.

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Interests Matter

We ensure special deals goes to those that want it most. Therefore, we’ve made it so that car enthusiast will see an automotive deal before others do. Also, sponsors sometimes pay by how many of you see the offer. Naturally, a parenting product doesn’t want to pay for non-parents to see their stuff. A lawn product wants homeowners to see. If your profile and interests are accurate, you’ll get the best stuff.

Best Available Pricing

When you see the “best price” tag, that means that we’ve worked with the seller to ensure that you won’t find a better price at a big box store, through an affiliate, or through a reseller. It’s frustrating to find out a brand has a 10% military discount only to find a “15% off sitewide!” banner on their site. Earned service rewards should exceed marketing promotions. Our Best Available Pricing sponsors agree. When you see this banner, it means we’ve ensured that this offer isn’t to be exceeded by a standard promotion running on the Internet. We’re working for you!

Want more?

Got a favorite brand, product, or category? We have your back. Ping us at the link below to let us know what you’re looking for and our team will work to make it happen.