Scout Military Discounts welcomes Joint Base Lewis-McChord

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May 9, 2017
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February 11, 2018

Scout Welcomes JBLM & the Puget Sound

We here at Scout are happy to announce that we’ve added JBLM and the Seattle / Puget Sound area to our open beta. This means that military families can find hundreds of great military discounts nearby with comprehensive information about redemption, eligibility, and more.

What’s in a launch?

While Scout listings paint the entire country, our team focuses on curating the best discounts with complete details in launch cities & bases.

Every launch comes with specific effort and attention. Stay tuned for additional bases and areas being added as our team fine tunes the details. “What details?” you ask? Read on.

Curated Listings

We comb the area to ensure that we have a ton of discounts so that the app experience is good for you. We also check eligibility and redemption criteria to make sure you have all the info you need to redeem and that we don’t lead you astray.

Of course, you can always make it better by adding your favorite discounts through the app or our website. Check this post about how to add your favorite listings.

If you’re on web, click HERE to add your business or your favorite discount right now. 

Improved Search

Along with better data comes better search. While our complete search is still being improved, being part of a launch area means that you’re more likely to find what you want by using the hot buttons on the home screen and in the search bar.

Local Promotions & Contests

Our local launches feature contests & giveaways with great prizes from our national partners as well as local businesses.

To see what contests are running, open up the app and click on the “Military Offers” button in the bottom-middle. This will also show you some great online and digital deals being run by our partners.

If you’d like your business featured in one of these contests, email us at [email protected] and we’ll get to work.

Give it a spin

This app is an all-new experience from what we’ve had out before. Even if you’re outside of the launch areas, there’s still plenty of great stuff in there for you.

Also, our team reads every piece of feedback. If there’s something you’d like to see in future Scout updates, check out the “Feedback” button in the user profile of the app to let us know!

Thanks again for supporting Scout Military, and we look forward to serving you!

Download Scout Military Discounts for iOS and Android.