One Team, One Fight


Esprit de Corps - People First

When we say we are for the military community, we mean the people who make this community. We are not about politics, gun rights, or whether America should engage in war or not. We are grateful for the freedoms our service members provide daily. It is because these brave souls, we can enjoy freedom.

Roll Call

Our Squad is composed of Veterans & non-Veterans, who all share the same vision. We desire to create a company that is a force for good. Our focus is the people who fill the uniforms. And how we can hook them up with sweet offers, as a small token of our undying gratitude.

Cody McGraw


Rob Coons


Carly Michael

Military Authenticity

Nick Krzemienski

Mr. Robot

Donnubari Gbaanador

Ghost Recon

Say Hello ❣️

We love meeting new people. Does our mission get you excited too? Feel free to connect below. If you're in Portland, Oregon, you're more than welcome to visit and challenge Rob at chess. Or Cody at pong.